By: Chris Hanrahan It’s usually always hard to really relay/define the goals of any candidate unless you’re 100% on board with them.  To be close to the campaign is to notice the nuance that each campaign experiences internally.  Its messages, videos, tweets, interviews, live-streams.  In the case of an incumbent, their actions in office. However once you are a full-fledged supporter you have 2 choices.  In line with the idea that “ranked choice voting” should be the new norm, where candidates are ranked first-to-last by each voter, there is one line which says you could support multiple candidates.  Andrew Yang, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren.  You could be a full supporter of [Yang] and you could still see virtue in the campaigns of other Democrat candidates.  You see commonalities in motive, and virtue in goals.  But that’s only if you pay close attention. Have you done that yet?  If you have a political blog that you sometimes post on, you might have.  But day after day, as (THE EARTH SPINS AROUND) and time progresses, the announcement of support must either be renewed, or shared with those who aren’t in the circle of support for your candidate.  And every day, these politicians (who are engaged in a popularity contest) have their own agenda.  Incumbents and candidates alike!  These agendas are very complex and can’t be easily summed up.  But as the candidates kick their efforts into gear the results speak for themselves.  And more than can be consumed by any oneRead More →


By: Chris Hanrahan More often than not, when in the course of listening to others share what they are thinking, we encounter those with views we think we agree with.  We talk to them and engage with them.  Along the way, onlookers and participants alike, can choose to #speakup for or against you. People have shared their opinions on Twitter, Myspace, AIM, Facebook, and LinkedIn since they started the platforms, and certain users have managed to gain a significant following on these platforms (oh let me not forget Google’s YouTube, on which the verdict is still out!) The point is there will always be onlookers, and always be those with white and black hats.  You can call it a game of Tom and Jerry if that helps.  And the outcome everyone wants is for us to agree we need better outcomes.  Facebook for instance hires hundreds of thousands of “reviewers” to perform a “community safety”or censorship role.  That’s what I think Wal-Mart should do.  It’s a matter of being prepared for the worst, and they need to hire people who can be properly trained to handle the worst, should another gunman attempt to shoot at Wal-Mart guests. Let’s look we should urge Wal-Mart to go into #FullPanacea mode and get its shit together on issues that matter, and that are deadly. Remember “Romaine Lettuce”?  How about hiring some Wal-Mart employees across the Country and letting them grow fresh produce on roofs with greenhouses and shelves of romaine lettuce and otherRead More →


By: Chris Hanrahan Monday March 18, 2019 WASHINGTON STATE – Trump’s name will not appear on 2020 Ballot until he “releases his taxes”. The erratic and irresponsible policies of WA have struck again, and have the support of 80% of WA constituents who want to “save the country” through the policies of the left. The state majority (Jay Inslee + Washington State Legislature) have just overstepped in a major & unprecedented way on the States Rights issue of who is on the 2020 Ballot for President of The United States. The new Washington State law would make it impossible for President Donald Trump to be listed amongst the presidential candidates. My opinion on this policy move, which would put the “Climate Concerned Inslee” on the ballot” but not the “America Saving Trump”, is that it represents an extreme overreach and speaks to larger problems of authority. In the State of WA, where this author was born and raised, I have seen risks forming in politics for quite some time. It is insightful to walk down any street in Seattle, and witness how the policy choices being made (drinking straw bans, the deployment of heroin safe injection sites) are responsible for the self-serving Democrat leaders of the state. But not all who call the Sanctuary City are benefitted by the way the climate and drug challenges are being met. Part of the challenge is, the State of Washington is addicted to identity politics. Senator Patty Murray (D) infamously voted for Infanticide this yearRead More →



 [#ChooseGreatness] A Challenge for Democrats & Republicans – “Victory is Winning for our Country” Headline – Democrats Still Selective in all areas of Applause.   For example: when Trump proclaimed “Ladies and Gentlemen, the State of our Union is Strong”, the [Reaction from the Republicans]was applause (and a “USA, USA, USA” Chant. The [Reaction from the Democrats]was no standing or applause.  They all did their best Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer impressions and held it with a practiced stoicism that we have all learned to know and love. There is a new opportunity in American politics if only we have the courage to seize it. “Tonight, I ask you to Choose Greatness” –Donald J. Trump(2019 SOTU Address) “Trump is incompetent” –Chuck Schumer(February 5, 2019) (Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnellresponded by suggesting that maybe “Chuck isn’t paying close enough attention.”)  SOTU 2019: A Presidential Moment  So with whom do you agree?  Is Donald Trump trying to make America Great or is he incompetent? There are clearly strong differences in opinion and there’s even a chance to form your own unique opinion.  If any of that is true – share them here in the comments.  Some of the things people debate about lead to moments of #unity and shared understanding.  Yet it’s obvious there is still division. Let’s set the table, using a counterexample of the #ChooseGreatness motto. Lots of Congresspeople are saying and doing things that aren’t #Great.  It’s time to call that out.  So the operative hashtags will be #Great #NotGreat #ChooseGreatness #FakeNews #FactsMatter It’s time toRead More →

A Caller Posed a Question to Rob Richie on November 23, 2018 This 3-minute clip was created by CongressAnon on November 12, 2018 (The Morning of #BlackFriday)C-SPAN.ORG. This is the full video, which is a somewhat more lengthy 42:28. He appeared again on the Washington Journal during their July 15, 2019 episodeRead More →

A strategy for the Next Generation of Americans is being formulated by the Trump Administration.  President Donald J. Trump estimates America lost between 60,000 and 70,000 USA Factories (which are coming back at this point).  Some 6 to 7 million jobs were lost in the process. Now we have 153,000,000 workers (jobs) in America and as Trump has always highlighted a lot depends on how you count + report the numbers. Trump spoke about North Korea, vowing that “we’ll fix them” along with neutralizing and mitigating other threats.  As Trump put it, he is not the one who should be negotiating in the case of North Korea.  His June 2019 historic walk into North Korea was a great milestone in the developing timeline of world peace.  Listen to his clipped remarks in the video clip below:Read More →

By: Chris Hanrahan People on both sides are predicting things that will never happen.  We have to get past people in the US Government being labeled as racists.  A #squad of apparent #antiracists has stood up and said “enough is enough”, after comments from the Executive Branch became too much for them to handle.   In order for this to work – and to defeat the racism they so denounce, it will be necessary that Sandy Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna S. Presley do everything they can and explain their actions to voters and supporters.  This includes women, men, white, black, old and young.  It’s a big responsibility anytime you use a podium to make a statement.  And the ripples of any of it have consequence.  Facts do matter.   We have seen these 4 women rose on 7-15-2019 and it has yet to be determined the full extent of the statements they plan to make.  So far they have expressed more than once, their vision of the President of The United States and the explanation that as far as America is concerned, the problems we now face will not be brought to resolution until after Trump’s term(s) are up.  I say re-elect Trump in 2020.  These women and indeed much of their Democrat party believe, wholeheartedly, that this Country needs a new President for progress.   These women will not go quietly into the night – in fact they’re here to make a ruckus like women haveRead More →

July 16, 2019 By: Chris Hanrahan It seems that for the time being, the unruly Democrat Party will have to learn from the history they are creating. Much of the swamp in Washington D.C. is still being drained and criminals like Jeffrey Epstein and Bill and Hillary Clinton. On the other side of the debate, it’s shaping up to be a face-off, because the story of Trump as “racist president” is being cast as #fact.  So let’s roll on the next chapter for ESP Tribe and MOC On-Demand.  During the next 8 weeks you can expect to see the following brought online on the MOC On-Demand website, as “Project Sunrise” finally commences. MAP for Constituent “Potato Debate v.1” MAP with Member info for all 535 US Members of Congress All Blog Related Activities will be transferred from that site to the ESP Tribe website during this time with a September 1, 2019 Sunrise date.  Similarly, all Blog Related Activities (WordPress) will cease after September 1, 2019 on mocondemand. Many of you have signed up behind the scenes for accounts on one or both of these websites.  I guess you’ve arrived early.  Thank you for being a part of the ESP Tribe Experiment. Soon the truth will be made all too clear.  #factsmatter.  ESP Tribe will be a place to search for the truth and to contribute to the “Potato Debate” which will be used to articulate “big” and “small” stances which support one or both sides of an argument and whichRead More →

By: Chris Hanrahan Getting to the Origins of SPYGATE It’s time for Trump to create some waves in Washington DC. They’re trying to defeat President Trump in 2020 and they are defending the attacks on Hillary Clinton. They’re still trying to explain, given the Mueller Report, how Hillary Clinton lost a rigged election. They say they want to get to other points and that Hillary Clinton was not elected – but the main problem with that is that we can’t even get close to looking at Hillary Clinton and we have just spent 22 months and $30 Million to contaminate the FISA courts and justify the mess we’re in. I hope you are all prepared for the correction that’s about to come to pass now. There are mechanisms of Government that are in overdrive now, in favor of President Trump. That’s just the way it is. In 2016 the DNC was prepared to keep the presidency. They never thought Hillary Clinton would lose. But Americans elected Donald Trump in 2016. When we discuss the possibility of “Declassifying FISA” as it relates to Surveillance of the Trump Campaign, there’s a bigger discussion on the table. When it comes to the inner workings of Obama’s DOJ, all the way to a place of lesser consequence, such as the battle rooms of the DNC and HRC in the Summer of 2016, there are opportunities to disclose way more than has already been disclosed. We need to ask the FISA court why they vouchedRead More →