Have you ever realized that issues come with pre-packed polarity?  An example is the #metoo movement which tends to polarize what people think about specific events, issues, and leaders.

While the #metoo movement certainly has 100% of the authenticity it needs to survive and prosper as a movement for change (and I’m suggesting that it does, and should, and will continue to be relevant in politics and social media) then we have to admit together that there are downsides to the movement, too.

Political and cultural sentiments that exist in an “us vs. them” universe, echo the voices of those with the loudest complaint.  We often take the most valid/widespread/common problems that exist in our society, and begin by inculcating ourselves within a culture of silence.

And often this results in senseless groupthink when things go wrong, or when the optics begin to work against the better interests of the movement.  Sometimes, a movement like (METOO) can be co-opted, and can be used to try to shape history under false pretenses.  We live in a society where the places people go to be heard, have to feel safe.  It’s what kept Dr. Blasey Ford silent for 35 years, and it’s what precipitated the mishandling of her complaint by elements of the Liberal (Democratic) agenda within Congress and the Senate and the Senate Judicial Committee. 

It’s unfortunate and it’s what WILL RESHAPE the Democrat party.  A much needed and long overdue turn of events is what we will likely continue to observe.

A facet of the Political Left sees the real fallout from this trend happening every day around them. 

And some of them are swallowing their pride, and joining an equally prevalent movement – the #walkaway movement.

Some women (you could call them the neo-liberal feminist left, in specific) have their voice now in a way that is truly game-changing.  Not only do their fundraisers go to nearly the $1,000,000 mark (as is the case of Dr. Blasey Ford) but some of the actions taken by the group have done damage to the movement itself in a more lasting/permanent way. 

Accusers and the Accused – who are they, and what rights do they have?  Some of the #metoo women want to change the answers to these foundational legal questions themselves.

In the future, we will hopefully not have to have parts of the conversation the way we have in the most recent past:

  1. We won’t be kept captive while the Democratic leadership conceals, deceives and obstructs.
  2. Our values as Americans will be held in the highest
  3. Men everywhere will respect women.  In The United States, women have rights.
  4. Eventually the specter of accusations being put forth to obstruct a SCOTUS nomination will be a thing of the past.
  5. Now read the first letter of each one of the items in this list.


Take a deep breath, click the (x) in the corner of this window and go to every effort possible to let parts of the ESP Tribe message resonate within you.

As I write this, I’m aiming to keep an open mind in everything that the ESP Tribe experiment entails.

Please let me know (at any time, on any post) how you think I am doing to that end.


It’s going to be a few days until things take on a shape on this site.  A few hundred hits so far, in the first day of its existence.  

2 in 9 chance for Democrats; 7 in 9 chance that Republicans will control the Senate after the Midterm Election.

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Thanks for reading!

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