The #MulliganDay SplashPost

Welcome to the ESP Tribe Website

Who we are: A few concerned individuals

Led by Chris Hanrahan, a Pro-Trump Journalist in search of Truth.

The topics we will share about in this blog will/may include:

  • United States Government and Politics
  • Idea/Topic Sharing (including history, current events, and future topics).
  • Two-sided debates (of both the “small potatoes” stuff and the “big potatoes” stuff).
  • Opposing Viewpoint Stories (our purpose: let’s see what the differences in opinion really amounts to).
  • Introducing soon: the ESPTribe outcome-based political commentary model.
  • Anti-Censorship articles with a “paramedia” approach as we at ESPTribe try out our journalistic bootstraps.
  • We plan to gain larger #earnedreach through the leadup to 2018 midterms and beyond… but there’s the ever looming presence of #velicityshiftcensorship under the hood at companies like Twitter and Instagram now, which has left me with a 45,000 impression/week threshold as a watermark for reach using those platforms, for now.  Nothing to see there!


More details about the Potato Network and ESP Tribe to be announced soon…

Have a look at while we’re working on other posts. 


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