The Democrats: Fighting Harder to Keep What They’ve Got

Barack Obama’s 10/22 Call for Fact-Based Politics & The Great Awakening

Published October 22 2018 at 2:22 PM PST

By Chris Hanrahan (IG: @chrisincontext) a Journalist residing in Bothell, WA.

Barack Obama, the 44th President of The United States made a speech on October 22, 2018. He said that what’s important now is that everyone in Nevada gets all the folks they know out to vote in the election.

This was Barack Obama’s second “Great Awakening” speech, the first one having been equally as lackluster albeit not as bad as the second revision of the speech.  Probably bad enough to trigger another Trump Nap aboard Air Force One. 

Symbols and phrases are everywhere in politics, and Barack Obama is no exception.  After a Classically Low-Energy DNC introduction by the Nevada Senate and Congress Candidates (D) Obama got on the stage, and gave his “2018 Come On” speech.

I feel that there is a “Real American vs. Fake American” voting narrative beginning to thicken and I feel that Barack Obama showed the world another career low point during todays speech.

And I have been paying very close attention! Obama said he still wants the United States of America to give Women a chance to run things around here. He claimed in several ways that we are in the midst of a Dark Political Era and did not highlight any current United States Milestones at all.  It was a mostly negative speech.

So what do you think?

Stay tuned for Trump’s Rebuttal in the #TexasTedRally tonight.

You see, I thought that the CNN Town Hall for Beto O’Rourke (D) was a low point. But now, Barack Obama saying that Jacky Rosen (D) is a #GoodBet.  So I am calling it a new low!

Tell her what you think on Twitter (@RosenforNevada).

Tonight Barack Obama once again called for investigations on Republicans during his speech. He said that he, unlike some, Believes in Facts and a Fact Based Reality “The antidote to everything you don’t like, is you voting, and that’s what this moment is about!” -Barack Obama @ 5:11 PM ET

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