OPINION: By Chris Hanrahan, a Pro-Trump Journalist residing in Bothell, WA.

So what are the people at Facebook are doing behind the scenes at Facebook

  • The inner workings of Facebook are a closely guarded mix of algorithms and employees.  They develop these tools over time, based on their own understanding of topics like #impliedaffiliation and #intent using tools such as #inferenceengines and #algorithms.
  • Part of what the company is trying to do, is exclude “fake news” accounts from posting.  The label of Fake News lets them exercise these operations with impunity.  They want to program the platform to exclude this talk.
  • In fact, today, as mentioned by @RealDonaldTrump and @Facebook, there is a new system meant to totally defeat the Fake News & Misinformation on the platform.  So the media, and now social media, is all wired up for its impending truth-induced controlled demolition…..

So what is next?  Everyone’s saying that enough is enough, and that it’s time to suppress Fake News right now.

“It is Time”

At this juncture, it would prove useful to capture a more complete dialogue about this latest move by Facebook. 

But I need more input to continue.  What do YOU think?

Though it is the right of the company to exercise their authority in this way, and towards this stated goal (as I believe that part is not what’s under debate, given current US Law), it does certainly set some damaging precedence in place, from one very discerning perspective.

  • When they create an artificial rule over free speech, to eliminate some accounts from reaching others, and to proactively control and monitor all posts, there is room for error.
  • When dealing in Advertisement Money, there are clearly aligned stakeholders which demand that these actions get taken on the Facebook platform. The reasons behind these demands and this perspective is altruistic.  They want the social network to be monitored and controlled.  In terms of an Information System, these are some of the core considerations at play when operating an Information System of any scale or nature.
  • The problem now is, in an effort to ensure this integrity, and even add another layer to this assurance, they are going to eliminate yet more instances of speech from their networks.
  • We have variously aligned interests on the Facebook Platform, and we have a recent uptick in reports of abuse/hacks on their system. What is needed is a more complete and user-centric attack of the core issue being targeted – Fake News!!!
  • I want there to be a major increase in the amount of Verified Accounts on Facebook.
  • I want to be one of the latest users that enjoy the rights and privileges that I see others enjoying on the Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram Universes.
  • I have tried several ways, for several months, to establish a Verified Badge.
  • To no avail (so far) but I am going to still try!
  • For More, Just Stay Tuned….

Thanks for being a part of the ESP Tribe Story so far.  Once I increase beyond 10,000 impressions I will migrate this site off of click-and-build WordPress where it is currently living its humble beginnings.  Stay Tuned!

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