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Do you (the reader) think that we area headed for a Red October, or a Blue Wave?

What do [you] consider to be a #fact?  There’s a #FakeVoterGate scheme approaching…

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By: Chris Hanrahan

Originally Published on Monday October 22, 2018 11:59 PM


In an earlier article from The Obama Speech – Fighting Hard for Democrats (which has still not reached its final revision) I explore several new Democratic Tactics which are observably in play, in politics today. 

Our Country is in the crosshairs but luckily for us, we have counter-snipers in place, where we go one, we go all.  Truth is the goal!

You can watch the Obama speech I’m referring to here, via RealClearPolitics.

There is a common suspicion amongst Democrats that the Republicans will be soon crying “foul” due to a #FakeVoterGate incident. Well, that might be true. And it might be the beginning of a more damning narrative than is being talked about in 99.999% of the media sources out there. This is not one of those blogs that fits into that 99.999% though. And that’ll prove itself out over time. Grab the popcorn.

So thanks for tuning in. We are seeing that about 500 impressions have happened on the articles so far.  Nothing to see here.

It’ll be System Migration Time for ESP Tribe Soon.  The possibilities are just too endless but some things have public beginnings and some things are built silently behind the scenes until the timing is right. WordPress Click and Build is a good start to the story for now.

And since symbolism is the downfall of the enemy (the deep state, which has shown itself more openly in 2018 than in any previous year in my memory) we must always pay attention to a rule when at war with an enemy armed with ideas.  Never interrupt the enemy while they’re in the process of destroying themselves.  

So, while it is tedious to wait for more, there are big prominent news outlets crumbling right now, and the Controlled Demolition will be enough to validate the next iteration of ESP Tribe.

On ESP Tribe, you’ll also routinely hear about updates RE: The Potato NTWK, which is a social media platform that has been in the making for almost 3 years.  It’s not time yet for the Potatoes to be distributed publicly, but the time is soon to come, and it’ll be a good day for the Social Media Sanity Barometer KPI, other related/unrelated factors.

Over time, this will materialize and become a lot more interesting. Until then, thanks for reading, even if you are just a Robot (NPC).  Enjoy the show!

These, the thoughts of the Author, Chris Hanrahan will be revisioned over time to add clarity through proofreading and feedback.  Beginning is part of the process.  Until then, I suppose you could leave a comment on these articles.

The ESP Tribe can act as a conduit between the informed and the uninformed.  Share, like, comment, post, and use my views to explain your views, should they ever relate and intersect.

Be interested if you are interested, and move on when you decide that the only other option is to troll.  It’s good to debate so let’s debate, but I don’t welcome the usual ammo of “Putin’s Bitch” that I seem to be witnessing on a daily basis on the Facebook and Instagram universes.  And it’s not usually aimed at me – the accounts know better than to do something like that.  It’s erosion of the integrity of important dialogues and I, an American and a Patriot, won’t ever sponsor or enable that type of shortsighted conversation.  The truth is, it’s a damaging and persistent narrative amongst all the media at CNN, MSNBC (now called #MSNPC) and I won’t allow it to take root here, ever.

My hope is to resonate enough using this format, and I think that once I reach several milestones with the blog, I will have created more than a website resource to enable the true ESP Tribe experience.   My goal, and constant barometer, is that of Truth.  And that will become more prevalently obvious over time.  I will take this project wherever the truth is lacking, and try to let the audience in to the intricacies of a different opinion, regardless of what they happen to agree with.

Enjoy the show!

Until then, I’ll strive for #ParForTheCourse within these initial means (A WordPress Click and Build Instance for now) as a #FreeSpeech advocate who wants to suddenly begin a political blog.  Like a normal person might!  Like somebody who cares about the future of America would.  The ESP Tribe’s beginnings might look like tire spinning for some, but that’s to the point of where we’re heading.  Dialogue out there is broken!  Dive into the opinions of somebody different every now and then.

Thanks for Following the ESP Tribe.

Chris Hanrahan


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