By: Chris Hanrahan More often than not, when in the course of listening to others share what they are thinking, we encounter those with views we think we agree with.  We talk to them and engage with them.  Along the way, onlookers and participants alike, can choose to #speakup for or against you. People have shared their opinions on Twitter, Myspace, AIM, Facebook, and LinkedIn since they started the platforms, and certain users have managed to gain a significant following on these platforms (oh let me not forget Google’s YouTube, on which the verdict is still out!) The point is there will always be onlookers, and always be those with white and black hats.  You can call it a game of Tom and Jerry if that helps.  And the outcome everyone wants is for us to agree we need better outcomes.  Facebook for instance hires hundreds of thousands of “reviewers” to perform a “community safety”or censorship role.  That’s what I think Wal-Mart should do.  It’s a matter of being prepared for the worst, and they need to hire people who can be properly trained to handle the worst, should another gunman attempt to shoot at Wal-Mart guests. Let’s look we should urge Wal-Mart to go into #FullPanacea mode and get its shit together on issues that matter, and that are deadly. Remember “Romaine Lettuce”?  How about hiring some Wal-Mart employees across the Country and letting them grow fresh produce on roofs with greenhouses and shelves of romaine lettuce and otherRead More →