A Caller Posed a Question to Rob Richie on November 23, 2018 This 3-minute clip was created by CongressAnon on November 12, 2018 (The Morning of #BlackFriday)C-SPAN.ORG. This is the full video, which is a somewhat more lengthy 42:28. He appeared again on the Washington Journal during their July 15, 2019 episodeRead More →

A strategy for the Next Generation of Americans is being formulated by the Trump Administration.  President Donald J. Trump estimates America lost between 60,000 and 70,000 USA Factories (which are coming back at this point).  Some 6 to 7 million jobs were lost in the process. Now we have 153,000,000 workers (jobs) in America and as Trump has always highlighted a lot depends on how you count + report the numbers. Trump spoke about North Korea, vowing that “we’ll fix them” along with neutralizing and mitigating other threats.  As Trump put it, he is not the one who should be negotiating in the case of North Korea.  His June 2019 historic walk into North Korea was a great milestone in the developing timeline of world peace.  Listen to his clipped remarks in the video clip below:Read More →

By: Chris Hanrahan People on both sides are predicting things that will never happen.  We have to get past people in the US Government being labeled as racists.  A #squad of apparent #antiracists has stood up and said “enough is enough”, after comments from the Executive Branch became too much for them to handle.   In order for this to work – and to defeat the racism they so denounce, it will be necessary that Sandy Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna S. Presley do everything they can and explain their actions to voters and supporters.  This includes women, men, white, black, old and young.  It’s a big responsibility anytime you use a podium to make a statement.  And the ripples of any of it have consequence.  Facts do matter.   We have seen these 4 women rose on 7-15-2019 and it has yet to be determined the full extent of the statements they plan to make.  So far they have expressed more than once, their vision of the President of The United States and the explanation that as far as America is concerned, the problems we now face will not be brought to resolution until after Trump’s term(s) are up.  I say re-elect Trump in 2020.  These women and indeed much of their Democrat party believe, wholeheartedly, that this Country needs a new President for progress.   These women will not go quietly into the night – in fact they’re here to make a ruckus like women haveRead More →

July 16, 2019 By: Chris Hanrahan It seems that for the time being, the unruly Democrat Party will have to learn from the history they are creating. Much of the swamp in Washington D.C. is still being drained and criminals like Jeffrey Epstein and Bill and Hillary Clinton. On the other side of the debate, it’s shaping up to be a face-off, because the story of Trump as “racist president” is being cast as #fact.  So let’s roll on the next chapter for ESP Tribe and MOC On-Demand.  During the next 8 weeks you can expect to see the following brought online on the MOC On-Demand website, as “Project Sunrise” finally commences. MAP for Constituent “Potato Debate v.1” MAP with Member info for all 535 US Members of Congress All Blog Related Activities will be transferred from that site to the ESP Tribe website during this time with a September 1, 2019 Sunrise date.  Similarly, all Blog Related Activities (WordPress) will cease after September 1, 2019 on mocondemand. Many of you have signed up behind the scenes for accounts on one or both of these websites.  I guess you’ve arrived early.  Thank you for being a part of the ESP Tribe Experiment. Soon the truth will be made all too clear.  #factsmatter.  ESP Tribe will be a place to search for the truth and to contribute to the “Potato Debate” which will be used to articulate “big” and “small” stances which support one or both sides of an argument and whichRead More →