By: Chris Hanrahan It’s usually always hard to really relay/define the goals of any candidate unless you’re 100% on board with them.  To be close to the campaign is to notice the nuance that each campaign experiences internally.  Its messages, videos, tweets, interviews, live-streams.  In the case of an incumbent, their actions in office. However once you are a full-fledged supporter you have 2 choices.  In line with the idea that “ranked choice voting” should be the new norm, where candidates are ranked first-to-last by each voter, there is one line which says you could support multiple candidates.  Andrew Yang, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren.  You could be a full supporter of [Yang] and you could still see virtue in the campaigns of other Democrat candidates.  You see commonalities in motive, and virtue in goals.  But that’s only if you pay close attention. Have you done that yet?  If you have a political blog that you sometimes post on, you might have.  But day after day, as (THE EARTH SPINS AROUND) and time progresses, the announcement of support must either be renewed, or shared with those who aren’t in the circle of support for your candidate.  And every day, these politicians (who are engaged in a popularity contest) have their own agenda.  Incumbents and candidates alike!  These agendas are very complex and can’t be easily summed up.  But as the candidates kick their efforts into gear the results speak for themselves.  And more than can be consumed by any oneRead More →