Underestimations in Politics

By: Chris Hanrahan

Every Voice Matters

We are a society subject to the growing influence of many important factors.  World views are meant to validate reality – not the other way around.

The questions below all have a certain style. There are ones which expand, to make a point, before asking for an answer. Others are too open ended to ever yield anything useful. The sweet spot is out there somewhere…

Q1: What has your attention in politics?

Q2: What is the thing you would do, if you could be more personally responsible for the outcomes of politics?

Q3: What caused you to lose interest in politics or “back away” from conversing about subjects on the topic of politics?

Q4: Criticism is never everything. To what extent can you defend the actions of the elected leaders who have your support (your vote)?

Q5: Howard Schultz – Would you support a Presidential (I) candidate in 2020?

Q6: Identity Politics – How much do your views on all issues match one party or the other? Symbols such as the “MAGA Hat” create an identity for some of the Republican Party, and similar symbols such as the “Blue Donkey” create an identity for some of the Democrat Party. What is your Symbol?

For the 2020

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