By: Chris Hanrahan 116th Congress – a New Step for the USA When the people speak, will Congress listen?  Let us not forget, communication was a major factor in one of the biggest Democrat Blunders of 2018, where the flight-scared and unaware witness (some would say false witness, given the facts in the case) was thrust onto the public for what seems to be the simple reason that there needed to be a special investigation of Brett Kavanaugh. To this day, Justice Kavanaugh still isn’t being treated fairly by some women but is also creating a clear division in our society – those who want to prosecute DOJ/FBI/FISA overreach and those that want to impeach  President Trump instead. Q: How do we get the House as a whole functioning better? A: A work-in-progress rules package, that goes beyond the first days of the 116thCongress. With Nancy Pelosi in charge, how will the House become more transparent?  Every day could be something new.  The show is just beginning. Also see for Members of Congress On-Demand, where something new is in the works. Statement: The House of Representatives is losing the public trust at the present time (115thCongress). A proposed rule: – Give the stenographer the accompanying written statement Bills being submitted on the floor without a Committee markup require 2/3rdmajority for passage (same as the supermajority threshold). HR6691 – Introduced Aug 31, 2018 w/o Committee hearing, and w/o Committee markup Prohibit waiving of the 3-day rule or change to a trueRead More →

ESP Tribe Founders Note:When initially creating Members of Congress On-Demand, I had several things in mind.Right now I sit in Woodinville, WA just a short 5 minute drive from the home of Jeff Bezos (Amazon CEO).Amazon is just one of the hot topics being discussed amongst the House of Representatives, especially in the camps of Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and it’s for good reason, I think.Earlier this year, Amazon hit $1 Trillion in market cap.Most recently, the company announced that HQ2 will be located in Long Island City, New York and Crystal City, Virginia. This has launched rhetoric from the Left and has started a new strategy for issues like these. Cover them in full, and put them into context whenever possible.I want to share a bit about the Seattle experience so far. As a Washington Native I have seen the rise of Amazon, and during this last Summer I drove around as during peak construction months, the entire crane operators union conducted a 17-day strike, and it was surrounding the business practices of Amazon and other companies.  In short, there are growing pains even at this stage, and I forsee there being similar protests/strikes in New York and Virginia.I will let the opinions of Bernie and Alexandria speak for themselves.  Before the HQ2 ground-breaking begins, I’m sure the tone will change once more.  But one thing’s for sure – Amazon is trying to increase its presence and politics will play a role.  Local Seattle politics have been a warm-up for the company, and what happens next willRead More →