By: Chris Hanrahan

Many of the people who were gathered for the CNN Town Hall of Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz will be running for local office in 2020. Howard Schultz used the event as a political gymnasium, using large amounts of time in explaining the platform he was running on – one of a 3-party system.

When the candidate asked his crowd if they thought that Government was doing well for them, not a single hand was raised.

Howard brought his rags-to-riches story to the group and made a compelling case for his presidential run. Trump has a contender in Howard Schultz, who needs to prove he has the guts to be president, and run the 2020 Presidential Race with the longevity of his career as the Founder and CEO of Starbucks. He wants to restore the faith that Americans have in America. It’s a rags-to-riches solution. We are in political rags.

His view of an immigration bill that “is sensible and will pass”, is based squarely in his understanding that an International Starbucks Company and an International United States are vastly superior to a single coffee store. And there was a moment that he was asked about “The Green New Deal”. He was diplomatic in his answer. He thinks that being sensible about what legislators suggest, is how politics should be. Through taking this stance, this author can predict a widespread need for campaigning of Independent Candidates for Congress.

Howard Schultz says that an economist may disagree with him, but that people are disingenuous (think “for less than the cost of a Starbucks per day” as a macroeconomic tool) in their role within the $22 Trillion debt of the Country. Howard wants to focus on eliminating that debt. But we have to remember, that’s what Donald Trump wants to do, if Americans let him, and he gets re-elected in 2020. President Donald Trump has 50%+ approval rates amidst all of the

“President Trump has a habit of not being truthful”. He raised his hand to the crowd and promised that he will not only pay his taxes, but will do everything possible to stand up and change the system. He vows to be accountable to solving the problems the United States Government.

“I should be paying more taxes”

“There is a tremendous opportunity for comprehensive tax reform so that we can lower the taxes for the middle class”, he explained. He says that the 70% that is being proposed is punitive and I agree.

He says that most of the people in America have lost trust in Congress. On many points, he says, there are other ways to do it.

The audience asked “why is this the time earlier”. Howard Schultz posed the question from earlier – the majority of Americans feel as if they are not being represented. He said, “We all know something’s not quite right”. He wants to eliminate revenge politics. Well, Donald Trump is also running on that platform. He announced it in his State of the Union address.

“Everyone’s vote will matter”, Howard said. He emphasized that he is no longer in the Democrat party, because he like millions of Democrats and Republicans, are without a political home. He said that there is not any world in which he would ever run as a Democrat. And this was without any hesitation.

The CNN host tried to get him to commit to dropping out of the race if he is a spoiler. He responded that if the math doesn’t tally up, he will not run for president.

He says he is deeply concerned about our standing in the world, and he wants to re-introduce dignity to the office. For him, the Democrats have gone too far to the left, and the Trump Republicans have gone too far to the right.

He says that his relationships with heads of state have been damaged by the Trump Administration. I disagree with Howard and I challenge him to explain this opinion further. He vowed to visit every foreign leader and restore the relationship if he was elected.

Starbucks has 4,000 stores in China and has partnered with the Chinese Government. He said that the humanity of America and Starbucks is on public display in China, where all families are covered by Health Insurance. He made a vow to the crowd, and explained that he would be totally ethical in all dealings with China. “I am not Donald Trump”, he added, furthering his lead down the left, which tries to assault Trump’s honesty and leadership style. He would follow President Carter’s lead with regard to transparency.

When asked if he would sell all his shares in Starbucks, if he won, the audience laughed, Howard did some paces, and says that he will do nothing to have any conflict of interest. “… a blind trust, there are many ways to do this” he said, in the answer which translated with some to “I’m not sure” and was the answer many of his supporters would have given, too. One thing is for sure when it comes to Schultz discussing the ethics of others, it’s all so complicated. But when it comes to his own ethics, on questions of government agency, he vows to do it better than either the Democratic Party or Republican Party would.

He sees something wrong with the ACA slide that’s happening to further the ACA and VA disasters. He doesn’t think that the Democrats should own healthcare in perpetuity. The steps he would take to fix the VA seem to be rooted in his experience setting an example for healthcare in China. He sees that there is a problem with all brands of bureaucracy. On that point at least, good job, Howard Schultz.

When Schultz first announced he was going to run, he got a tweet from Donald Trump which honed in on the indicator I’ll be tracking with Schultz. It is, does he have the guts to run. Donald Trump asked the question that others didn’t ask about him. If we are going to see a third party come to the Oval Office, why wouldn’t this also bring us a stronger third party in Congress? The major third party congressperson I can think of now is Bernie Sanders, whose politics of socialism are all oppositional to Trump in one too many ways. At least for now, Independent congresspeople like Bernie Sanders are lame ducks, with their ideas at the fringe of what it means to be an American. Many of the Democrats who do have the “guts” to be in politics are fakers and are maligned with more real foreign influence than any amount of fake foreign influence that could ever be discussed RE: Trump. And that’s just a lot of my opinion.

Anti-Bias is Starbucks’ New Brand

If Howard’s vision for America gets as much traction as their new crew training initiative, there will be new bounds for embracing the diversity of our nation. Some would believe it more than others, but these are the promises of what the Oval Office could represent under a Schultz presidency. He vows to restore the humanity of the Country, which he says has been so heavily assaulted by Donald J. Trump. I disagree that the Trump Republicans are up to no good, but that’s what Howard Schultz thinks. And that’s what Democrat voters think, too.

So how will Howard Schultz do the math on whether he will be a spoiler candidate in the 2020 election? His methodology or the entire ecosystem of opinions and surveys on this question will be a noise within signal, for the months ahead, as he makes his case to the American electorate.

He would lift the bans around Insurance Companies and Interstate Commerce, and he would make prescription drugs a competition-driven endeavor. He says that what Congress has tried to do is either Eradicate the ACA or create Medicare For All.

And on that point, I agree with Howard Schultz. Both directions are as flawed as the party has made them out to be. While he is right that there needs to be a better solution void of the influence of Pharma lobbyists and the like, he failed to make the bigger point. The Town Hall had to take a commercial break, and a T-Mobile Ad was on deck. Then an Aspercreme ad. Then an Allstate Ad. Then an Entresto ad, featuring popcorn. It’s a heart failure drug. Big Pharma. Next up, was a TaxAct Ad. Have you filed yours yet? n ad for the CNN Town Hall with Senator Klobuchar came on, followed lastly by an XFinity commercial and a Discovery Go App ad featuring an All New Season of American Chopper. Interesting. Also did you know that closed captioning for the event was sponsored by Garlique?

By the end of the commercial break, at 11:01 EST, 17,000 coffees in China had been made, and people had an easy time forgetting about the unanswered question. Phew, that was close.

Does Howard Schultz want to remove assault-style weapons? He wants balance and sensibility in this area. He respects without question the issue of sportsman hunting and everything that goes around the second amendment. He wants to take a look at the mental health issue. The far left wants to do everything they can do to take away guns. The far right want to do everything they can to grant 2A rights. But Howard Schultz, as we are learning, is a centrist.

On University Accountability, he calls for there to be a federal funding burden which only pays when a student completes the whole degree. He sees that accountability and partnerships maps the future of corporate-university rules of engagement. He sees that graduation creates access to opportunity, which is the goal that those in higher education are seeking.

In a final answer regarding differentiating himself from Trump, he said that America needed to see a President with restraint.

Applause ensued and more ads were shown. Don Lemon came onto the air and said that the candidate showed the audience no reassurances that he would not be a spoiler for the Democrat party. The panel agreed that Schultz had tried to dismiss the notion of being a spoiler candidate. I don’t know what there is any one category of CNN viewer (take for instance the fact that I am a self-proclaimed Pro-Trump journalist) and you see where bias was baked into the question all along. But as Don Lemon’s examination explained, Howard is not likely to agree with the cause for concern. And I think they are right.

The Democrats now have to refine their message, and cold-press it into a cup with cream. Adding a few pumps of New-DNC syrup, and raising the temperature up for 55 seconds gets you a really nice cup of covfefe.

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