July 16, 2019

By: Chris Hanrahan

It seems that for the time being, the unruly Democrat Party will have to learn from the history they are creating. Much of the swamp in Washington D.C. is still being drained and criminals like Jeffrey Epstein and Bill and Hillary Clinton.

On the other side of the debate, it’s shaping up to be a face-off, because the story of Trump as “racist president” is being cast as #fact.  So let’s roll on the next chapter for ESP Tribe and MOC On-Demand.  During the next 8 weeks you can expect to see the following brought online on the MOC On-Demand website, as “Project Sunrise” finally commences.

  • MAP for Constituent “Potato Debate v.1”
  • MAP with Member info for all 535 US Members of Congress

All Blog Related Activities will be transferred from that site to the ESP Tribe website during this time with a September 1, 2019 Sunrise date.  Similarly, all Blog Related Activities (WordPress) will cease after September 1, 2019 on mocondemand.

Many of you have signed up behind the scenes for accounts on one or both of these websites.  I guess you’ve arrived early.  Thank you for being a part of the ESP Tribe Experiment.

Soon the truth will be made all too clear.  #factsmatter.  ESP Tribe will be a place to search for the truth and to contribute to the “Potato Debate” which will be used to articulate “big” and “small” stances which support one or both sides of an argument and which will supplement the seemingly endless stream of Tweets available in the Twitterverse.  

Have you ever tried to read every historical tweet sent by every member of congress?  Well, I have (with the help of my “Roger Bunting AI” program which serves as an assistant in this particular ongoing endeavor.  It’s not looking very pretty!  Roger Bunting has a few moves to add to the Political Jostling for power, under which there is an ever-damning foundation of many of these Silicon Valley companies, with bad-actor countries like India, China, and even Russia.  We must not underestimate the power of peace with North Korea.  We must not give countries with Iran power or any economic mobility.  It is clear what Trump is doing with some matters of foreign policy.  Behind the scenes there is talk, which doesn’t make it onto the House or Senate floor, or the news, or twitter, or anything.

Over time, MOC On-Demand will bring visibility and reference for Americans on the important issues, as originally outlined here.

See this clip from today on the Libra Digital Currency.  It is a big week in Congress.



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