By: Chris Hanrahan

More often than not, when in the course of listening to others share what they are thinking, we encounter those with views we think we agree with.  We talk to them and engage with them.  Along the way, onlookers and participants alike, can choose to #speakup for or against you.

People have shared their opinions on Twitter, Myspace, AIM, Facebook, and LinkedIn since they started the platforms, and certain users have managed to gain a significant following on these platforms (oh let me not forget Google’s YouTube, on which the verdict is still out!) The point is there will always be onlookers, and always be those with white and black hats.  You can call it a game of Tom and Jerry if that helps.  And the outcome everyone wants is for us to agree we need better outcomes.  Facebook for instance hires hundreds of thousands of “reviewers” to perform a “community safety”or censorship role.  That’s what I think Wal-Mart should do.  It’s a matter of being prepared for the worst, and they need to hire people who can be properly trained to handle the worst, should another gunman attempt to shoot at Wal-Mart guests.

Let’s look we should urge Wal-Mart to go into #FullPanacea mode and get its shit together on issues that matter, and that are deadly.

  1. Remember “Romaine Lettuce”?  How about hiring some Wal-Mart employees across the Country and letting them grow fresh produce on roofs with greenhouses and shelves of romaine lettuce and other veggies aloft?  Could Wal-Mart manage to morph into something of that nature, where employees are given fair wages and fair hours and where the company produces [something] at its own retail locations?  Maybe when they legalize weed, Wal-Mart can be positioned to play a role in that, who knows.  As long as the free enterprise is acting in a responsible way, I’m all for companies changing over time.
  2. Hire Veterans.  Armed ones.  Just for the “Air Marshal in the Airplane Effect”.  I’ve heard the same argument done well for the schools, too.  Hire stable veterans who want to teach students, and give them a gun. I’m not suggesting they open carry.  I want to see a wall-mounted phone+gun box, which can be accessed by credentialed teachers!  I think a U.S. Veteran would make a fine candidate for such a role.  Put the same thing in Wal-Marts.  Wal-Mart has hunting rifles in it (they sell them there) so now we will sit and watch as they either go cuckold for the anti-gun industry and commit to ending selling of all semi-automatic rifles, or they do something a little more logical like provide the law enforcement presence + arming their own trained employees to step in if the need should ever arise.  
  3. I’m suggesting we learn to trust guns in America.  Not ban sales of them.  I’m suggesting that we might have a way in America to say “This romaine lettuce was certified E. coli free by Wal-Mart in Marysville, WA on 8/5/2019, but we cannot do that yet.  People walk into a Wal-Mart and are uncertain, and they’re also sometimes uncertain about the cleanliness of their lettuce.  Both important.  Both something Wal-Mart can either lead (and help its employees create a better Wally World) or follow color-blindly down the road, which is red (not yellow) bricks. Neither solution is being asked for, and neither solution will happen unless some serious demands are met.  I’m an onlooker to the shift that Wal-Mart manages to make between now and 2025.
  4. We have seen sports goods stores ban gun sales.  They have lost customers!  Gun laws are not a panacea (as Trey Gowdy said in his Sunday interview with Maria Bartiromo) and should be written with an eye on enforceability, not some oasis of feigned security at the expense of National Security.  Americans are armed.  And the world knows that!
  5. Wal-Mart should take a more active role in ensuring public safety.  This is another food-based item on this list.  It might surprise you to learn that at the Marysville Wal-Mart, they sell expired food!  And then when you go and return half a box of food that expired before you even bought it, their employees say “well, where are the other 8 packs of recess peanut butter sandwiches”.  It was a 2-pack on sale.  Of Expired Food!  Give me a break, don’t they track the expiration dates?  When I used to work at Target, they made a point of doing a consumables sweep every day! Half a lifetime ago at this point.

There is a growing #seesomethingsaysomething mentality and I can’t help but look at the situation from a perspective of an onlooker, as I continue to inject my free speech into otherwise self-aggrandizing rhetoric by the left.

Some people think there are broader solutions being suggested by Democrats which make sense to subscribe to – like banning guns.  No.  I think we should consider banning some things, like the ones we have already banned (there’s a reason some guns indeed are “illegal”.  I think if a background bill were to pass which addressed this properly, it would need to have an element of new technology.  Where is the DARPA and NRA partnership?  What about DARPA and NSA?  We don’t hear about some of these things.  Does the FBI maintain a database about gun owners?  Absolutely!  Wow!

The gun owners in this Country do have rights, and I’m looking as the Democrat-Linked candidates for US President in 2020 continue to make very lofty promises about this topic!  It’s increasingly becoming obvious to the onlookers to the heated debate (call them the “still undecided” voters.) They’re getting nervous and their audience is down the yell0 brick road with them.  Well that’s the color they’re being told to look at, at least.

You know who you are! Yanny vs. Laurel was a warm-up for something bigger and I still think most people don’t understand how it works!  Does gun law, Laurel, Autocorrect, the FBI, the NSA, and DARPA all belong in the same post?  Oh and don’t forget “WAL-Mart’s Panacea”.  Yes!  

An End Note about another company which should try to #bebest; Instagram:

  • There are many #stealthfighter posts in another internet sphere for the viewing (they’re in InstagramVille) which have along the way made it the default hashtag on one of my accounts.  #f22raptor.  When I search for some accounts I see they have been banned, or removed from the platform.  Some of the people who work on censoring Instagram and blocking certain posts are allowing for it to come to overt censorship.  I can’t “like” certain posts on certain accounts because the moment I try, there is an error that says my account has been blocked from performing “this action” for 24 hours.  
  • I don’t know what will happen when they fix the issue, but I know that I can see oftentimes my “like” will persist for 2 or 3 seconds, and then the count of “likes” will decrease (like from 18 to 17) and I will be shown the error.  Invariably I take a screenshot of the error and share it to Instagram.  Check out the #MethodsofDiscourse hashtag for more on that.
  • In some cases I am told that subscribers have been removed from following me, and I believe there is some natural attrition in followers as I continue to post the truth, but I am experiencing unexpected behavior through the Instagram platform.
  • Some of the functionality of #hashtags has to be brought into question now.
  • Some conversation about #influencers and the role of the #verifiedbadge.


Thank you for being a part of the ESP Tribe Experiment.  See you in the next post.   


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God Bless America.    

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