By: Chris Hanrahan People on both sides are predicting things that will never happen.  We have to get past people in the US Government being labeled as racists.  A #squad of apparent #antiracists has stood up and said “enough is enough”, after comments from the Executive Branch became too much for them to handle.   In order for this to work – and to defeat the racism they so denounce, it will be necessary that Sandy Cortez, Rashida Tlaib, Ilhan Omar and Ayanna S. Presley do everything they can and explain their actions to voters and supporters.  This includes women, men, white, black, old and young.  It’s a big responsibility anytime you use a podium to make a statement.  And the ripples of any of it have consequence.  Facts do matter.   We have seen these 4 women rose on 7-15-2019 and it has yet to be determined the full extent of the statements they plan to make.  So far they have expressed more than once, their vision of the President of The United States and the explanation that as far as America is concerned, the problems we now face will not be brought to resolution until after Trump’s term(s) are up.  I say re-elect Trump in 2020.  These women and indeed much of their Democrat party believe, wholeheartedly, that this Country needs a new President for progress.   These women will not go quietly into the night – in fact they’re here to make a ruckus like women haveRead More →