By: Chris Hanrahan Monday March 18, 2019 WASHINGTON STATE – Trump’s name will not appear on 2020 Ballot until he “releases his taxes”. The erratic and irresponsible policies of WA have struck again, and have the support of 80% of WA constituents who want to “save the country” through the policies of the left. The state majority (Jay Inslee + Washington State Legislature) have just overstepped in a major & unprecedented way on the States Rights issue of who is on the 2020 Ballot for President of The United States. The new Washington State law would make it impossible for President Donald Trump to be listed amongst the presidential candidates. My opinion on this policy move, which would put the “Climate Concerned Inslee” on the ballot” but not the “America Saving Trump”, is that it represents an extreme overreach and speaks to larger problems of authority. In the State of WA, where this author was born and raised, I have seen risks forming in politics for quite some time. It is insightful to walk down any street in Seattle, and witness how the policy choices being made (drinking straw bans, the deployment of heroin safe injection sites) are responsible for the self-serving Democrat leaders of the state. But not all who call the Sanctuary City are benefitted by the way the climate and drug challenges are being met. Part of the challenge is, the State of Washington is addicted to identity politics. Senator Patty Murray (D) infamously voted for Infanticide this yearRead More →