[#ChooseGreatness] A Challenge for Democrats & Republicans – “Victory is Winning for our Country” Headline – Democrats Still Selective in all areas of Applause.   For example: when Trump proclaimed “Ladies and Gentlemen, the State of our Union is Strong”, the [Reaction from the Republicans]was applause (and a “USA, USA, USA” Chant. The [Reaction from the Democrats]was no standing or applause.  They all did their best Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer impressions and held it with a practiced stoicism that we have all learned to know and love. There is a new opportunity in American politics if only we have the courage to seize it. “Tonight, I ask you to Choose Greatness” –Donald J. Trump(2019 SOTU Address) “Trump is incompetent” –Chuck Schumer(February 5, 2019) (Majority Leader of the Senate Mitch McConnellresponded by suggesting that maybe “Chuck isn’t paying close enough attention.”)  SOTU 2019: A Presidential Moment  So with whom do you agree?  Is Donald Trump trying to make America Great or is he incompetent? There are clearly strong differences in opinion and there’s even a chance to form your own unique opinion.  If any of that is true – share them here in the comments.  Some of the things people debate about lead to moments of #unity and shared understanding.  Yet it’s obvious there is still division. Let’s set the table, using a counterexample of the #ChooseGreatness motto. Lots of Congresspeople are saying and doing things that aren’t #Great.  It’s time to call that out.  So the operative hashtags will be #Great #NotGreat #ChooseGreatness #FakeNews #FactsMatter It’s time toRead More →