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By: Chris Hanrahan

A trip to the border is planned tomorrow, February 11, 2019 for President Donald J. Trump and his team.

As border talks have hit a stalemate regarding funding for the US Government and the Southern Border Wall, Democrats now appear in danger of making damning tactical errors.

Considering the fact that a record number of “caravan” migrants are making their way from south of the “border”, we are now all negotiating in terms of risk and time.

The President agreed to the terms of this temporary funding deal, but when it ends on February 15th 2019.

Many of the Democrats who are treating this as a season for defeating Trump, the Republicans in Congress will continue to push for what they have all in the past voted to fund – border security, and a southern wall. I think it is widely known that in the past Chuck Schumer has strongly advocated for a wall. Barack Obama has even advocated a wall. The list goes on. The solution was not originally proposed by Donald Trump.

Some are saying that a $100 ladder or a tunnel can get around a wall easily. Think magnetically climbing the wall from the Mexico at 3:00 AM in the middle of nowhere. Some say that there will be caravans in perpetuity regardless of what changes we make to the border and to the points of entry along the border.

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