By: Chris Hanrahan

Getting to the Origins of SPYGATE

It’s time for Trump to create some waves in Washington DC. They’re trying to defeat President Trump in 2020 and they are defending the attacks on Hillary Clinton. They’re still trying to explain, given the Mueller Report, how Hillary Clinton lost a rigged election. They say they want to get to other points and that Hillary Clinton was not elected – but the main problem with that is that we can’t even get close to looking at Hillary Clinton and we have just spent 22 months and $30 Million to contaminate the FISA courts and justify the mess we’re in.

I hope you are all prepared for the correction that’s about to come to pass now. There are mechanisms of Government that are in overdrive now, in favor of President Trump. That’s just the way it is. In 2016 the DNC was prepared to keep the presidency. They never thought Hillary Clinton would lose. But Americans elected Donald Trump in 2016.

When we discuss the possibility of “Declassifying FISA” as it relates to Surveillance of the Trump Campaign, there’s a bigger discussion on the table. When it comes to the inner workings of Obama’s DOJ, all the way to a place of lesser consequence, such as the battle rooms of the DNC and HRC in the Summer of 2016, there are opportunities to disclose way more than has already been disclosed.

We need to ask the FISA court why they vouched for the Section 7 + Title 1 Wiretaps that propagated and spread through the Trump Campaign. I want to know how many of you think you really understand the way this thing works.

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