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Narratives that Trump was involved with the Russians mean more than the headlines, the articles, the pundits, politicians, former politicians, candidates, crooked candidates, and other people will explain to you.

It bothers Lindsey Graham that HRC singlehandedly hijacked the predication of criminal investigations in the case of the surveillance of the 2016 Trump Campaign.  

Joe Biden IS tied to China.  It’s not a Lofty Claim to make in 2020.  The other, 2016-2020 Russia Trump claim did lack credibility.


There are more than irregularities in the way that the Obama DOJ and FBI came to suspect prominent and other 2016 Trump Campaign Members.

The investigation took a shape which explains the state of investigations in America, and there are some important discussions happening before the Senate, as Andrew McCabe testifies on Tuesday 11/10/2020.

What was the predication used and what if any relief has been pursued by the Targeted or the Accused?  Are they injured in any way, as of the date of this post?  What is the necessary transparency + declassification that has not yet come to pass?  Imagine a surprise for everyone.

Amidst this ongoing malarkey, there is also the question of the favorability of Real Votes over UnReal Votes.  There are allegations of irregularities, as well as evidence of what can be described any number of ways (fraud, conspiracy, worse) and has resulted in a record number of ballots cast on November 3, 2020.

Software problems are being noticed in around HALF of the voting machines that were used in this Country for the “democratic election” that just happened.  However, there has yet to be a full explanation of the asynchronous technical glitches (do you like that one) that seemed to have “won” the media and Joe Biden the label of “President Elect”.  Joe has even set up an “Office of the President Elect” but he is a National Security Threat and so Trump is withholding access to transition resources until a later date. 

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