Late on Tuesday night the Grinch checked into a Tennessee area Urgent Care and was quickly transferred to the ICU when his condition worsened.

During triage before operating on the Grinch, Doctors discovered that his heart had grown large.  In fact, medical records show it had grown to be twelve times as big as before.  This condition left the Grinch needing the help of Tennessee Area Doctors, and even though he was underinsured he got the help he needed thanks to the quick actions of his dog, who brought him to the Urgent Care in his 2021 Jeep Cherokee purchased by the Office of the President Elect with GSA funds passed to the potential cabinet member and his owner, the Grinch himself.

“America is Back   -Joe” said the get well soon note addressed to the household.

#HappyThanksgiving #Satire #GrinchThanksgiving #GrinchLLC #GSA #MalarkeyDetected #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #ThePandemicof2020 #StoptheBirus #inittogether

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